Our Process

DeKeratry Custom Homes specializes in a simple process that makes it easy for you.
From planning to pricing and foundation to fixtures, we help you build the perfect, custom home or project.

Here’s our initial three-step process:

Step 1

Checkout the Gallery, Projects, Testimonials, and Ratings

Don’t leave your project to chance.

Partner with a decades-experienced builder who understands your needs, can complete everything on time and at budget, and has the experience to complete every detail to your specifications. The first step is making sure we’re a good fit for your needs like many of our repeat customers have found.

DeKeratry Custom home with patio fireplace
DeKeratry Custom home poolside view at dusk

Step 2

Schedule a Project Evaluation

Once you’re ready to engage, let’s discuss your custom home or project.

This consultation will help clarify the often-confusing world of building in Central Texas. Henry de Keratry, a 40-year veteran builder, can guide you through the process unlike any other builder in the area. Ask questions about available lots, regulations, and anything else that may arise. Plus, it’s a no-obligation, free consultation.

Step 3

Plan Your Dream Home or Project

Now you’re ready to plan your dream home or project. We can help with:

  • Custom homes
  • Remodeling
  • Duplexes
  • Triplexes & Fourplexes
  • Light commercial development
  • Land development
  • Small residential
  • General contracting

Call for a Project Evaluation Today

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DeKeratry Custom home of castle courtyard