The Liberty Belle

The Liberty Belle

DeKeratry Custom Homes remodeled a historic building with beautiful results.


This project started out as a remodel of an old, historic building in “Old Town” Liberty Hill. The building was built around 1904. We came in and gutted the building and made it modern, yet attempted to keep the “old town”, historic feel. We used wood floors and wood ceilings, similar to what was originally in the building. We wanted the feel of walking into a building in the early 1900’s office. We also removed the old, porous painted brick and brought in used “Old Chicago” brick. We added an awning with handmade brackets to get that old, downtown look.

From there, we did a completely new addition in the back of the building. We need more office space, but wanted to keep that old town/small town look. We added a two story building with the downstairs being additional office space and upstairs being a residential loft. On the interior, both up and down, we incorporated the same “Old Chicago” brick on accent walls, but a nice light modern feel. On the exterior we connected the buildings together with the same brick on the front of the new building in the back, as well as the farmhouse feel with metal siding and board & batten siding and a metal roof.

Overall, we feel like we accomplished keep the old, downtown, main street type feel, all while updating and modernizing the old property, as well as the new construction.


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