Waterfront Castle Home

Lakeside mansion inspired by European castles and modern amenities.

DeKeratry Custom Homes built Houston-based client the home of their dreams on Lake Travis. Complete with main home, guest house, custom pool, detached garage, and beautiful views of an Austin-area lake.


I was in my office in Cedar Park one day when a very nice gentleman and his lovely wife entered, without me knowing or having an appointment, we met and I liked them right away. This man was wearing farmer’s overalls. He was carrying a huge roll of house plans. His wife, a simple lady with no looks of sophistication and superiority was fairly quiet and tolerant to his questions to me.

The man asked me if I would be interested in building them a Castle. I said, you mean a home that would be your castle or a real castle? He replied, well, both; we were in Europe and loved the way a real castle looks like. I immediately thought this is one of those cases when someone asks for things they could never afford. But, I was wrong. I have always been taught that I should hear the desires of all people at least during the first meeting. So I sat there and listen to their explanations and desires to build a Real Castle, like those in Europe but off course with all the modern conveniences.

They rolled out the huge roll of their castle plans. I could see that they had already spent a fortune with a very professional architect that had designed for them the Castle of their dreams. As I learned more about this particular client, I begin to believe that they were completely capable of building whatever they wanted to build at any price. Later I found out he was a very successful trial attorney from Houston. I listened to the rest of their desires.

They already had purchased several acres on Lake Travis. A peninsula with the best view of the lake I had ever seen with deep water all around. We looked at the plans which had at least 20 detailed pages of their dream Castle.
Without hesitation I agreed to be their builder with a desire to build them this magnificent castle with all the details they wanted and even more. They wanted to see some homes that I had built so they can get a better feel of my capabilities to build this for them. After they had seen only one home which was the closest large home with some similar details to what they wanted, they told me if I accepted to be their builder I could have the job.


We built the Castle on their land. It took us nearly two years to build it, but was the most delightful two years I had spent in my career to accomplish and complete the castle of their dreams. I was very sad that we had come to the end. But very happy for that they had the Castle of their dreams.

Henry de Keratry
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